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director of photography

Let's Introducing The Real Me

Cinematography is somethimg which can drive me to survive in a world of imagination. My dream, my passion, my creative mind get a proper direction through this.


The Tales Behind The Storyteller

As an entertainment professional based in Kolkata & Mumbai, I always looking for best opportunities to collaborate with through my work. Since 2014 I've explored myself with different types of project.

I have completed my Post Graduation in Cinematography from Roopkala Kendro 2013. Presently i am a member of Eastern India Cinematographers' Association(EICA).

My Masters

I am very lucky to be a disciple of the living legends of cinematography Mr. Soumendu Roy & Mr. Adinath Das. I had learnt all footsteps starting from positioning camera to placement of light from them.


My Perception

My years of experience in the industry have taught me how to produce quality material on the tightest of schedule. I understand the relation between the pace of work & budget & time scale without compromising the finished quality of the film.


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TVC Showreel

my TVC Showreel

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